Turkish Built Gulets exceeding 40 meters are called mega gulet and according to new technological advances the epoxy laminated west system wooden gulets are built only upto 40 meters but the new generation megagulets over 40 meters are built with high tensile steel and are very strong and seaworthy. Mega gulet for sale
The category of pleasance yachts only allows them to accomodate 12 passangers in large and spacious suits however more than 12 guests capacity requires passanger ship status. In antalya , Istanbul and Bodrum Steel hull mega motorsailers and megagulets  are under construction . Commercial charter gulets are quite popular in the eastermn mediterranean to serve large groups just like boutique hotels and can be chartered for weekly periods. Please donot hesitate to contact us for further information and possible alternative mega gulets for sale.

Mega Gulet For Sale

Your choice of our Turkish Mega gulets for sale which are seaworthy and individually custom built for nice performance that any other vessel would not be able to challenge means that you have come to the right place. Our sailing gulets for sale have popularity throughout the marine world. They are tested and tried years before by our clients who have done nice businesses on board of our luxury sailing gulets for sale. Mega gulet for sale
By this, other clients were encouraged to get this wonderful sailing gulet because she is much cheaper than a motor yacht and strong competitor to the motor yacht though she is smaller and a cheaper than that of the motor yacht. However, when it comes to luxury, we can say that this sailing gulet is really fantastic compared to any luxury kind of yachts.

Mega Gulet For Sale

In fact, this sailing gulet for sale is really comfortable and a commercially successful bargain on the part of the client. This is what our clients testify to their acquaintances about our Turkish sailing gulets for sale, so that we present always the best that we could present for our clients with continuous updates for every new technology that comes to the marine industry. Mega gulet for sale
Some of our clients who have experienced the marine life know well what they need to see or what is necessary to exist in this sailing gulet for sale, so that they have their own wish list that we pass to our boatyards to be practically fulfilled by our professional builders who have been working for years constructing luxury yachts and gulets for sale.
After being classical cargo ships and traditional vessels to carry food and passengers sometimes, they have become luxury gulets for sale that we, Turkish are proud of. We are strongly going ahead in improving our gulet for sale whether in size or design or even price in order to meet our clients increasing needs. Mega gulet for sale
Our Turkish gulets for sale are designed to suit excellent sunny weathers and fresh breezes of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Our sailing gulets for sale accompany the essence of the past with the soul of the new age which is full of technical features that address the needs of all. Mega gulet for sale
Our sailing gulets for sale are of spacious interiors and quite comfortable cabins that are as luxurious as five stars hotels. We can seat guests up to 36 one especially.

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